Outfits for My Sweetie

I not only get Korean fashion for myself. I also like to buy it for my husband. My husband is in very good shape so fortunately he fits into the Korean sizes which tend to be very slim fit. He’s 6 feet tall so sometimes I have to get XL for him but it still looks good. He fills it out well in the shoulders. That’s the problem with a lot of American clothes. They don’t fit him well because it’s so baggy in the waist area.

It seems like guys that are in good shape have to pay a tax for it and buy more expensive clothes. The cheaper clothes are shaped for a beer belly, apparently, so if you want to have a nice shirt that actually fits you have to pay a lot more for designer brands.

Korean mens kpop fashion is awesome because it’s a much slimmer fit. We got this black pea coat jacket that’s in an extra large, but it fits him perfectly. Actually, the sleeves are a little bit long, but he rolls them up and I think it looks good like that so we haven’t taken it to a tailor to get them shortened.

mens fashion jacket

The black coat goes with so many different Korean outfit ideas. On very Korean mens outfit is jeans and boots with a white shirt and the black coat on top. It looks casual, but in a fashionista sort of way. It’s one of my favorite outfits on him. Top it off with some aviator sunglasses and the look is complete. It looks like airport fashion that you would see Rain wear.

Rain is a good example of a manly Korean style. He is stylish, but without being effeminate. If you’ve ever seen Rain in interviews and when he goes on variety shows, you’ll notice he has a masculine way about him. This is demonstrated in his clothing style, too. The manly clothes he wears are simple, yet fashionable. He doesn’t wear overly loud clothes to try to get attention.

I find this something of a turn off. When I see the so called “fashionistas” like Hong Ki of Ft Island or G Dragon’s fashion with their painted nails and crazy outfits, it makes me think that they are trying to cover up or distract from something. Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t find it stylish at all. It’s like they’re just desperate for attention, which I believe is very unattractive in a man. I think trying too hard is a big sign of insecurity. There’s a difference between confidence, and being true to yourself and going crazy with your clothes because you’re trying to prove you don’t care like you see a lot of on youtube fashion channels.

It’s a weird subject, but dressing in weird clothes doesn’t make you original, or indifferent. If you’re dressing for other people, you’re still letting them control you. You’re not doing what you want, no matter how much you think you’re going against societies’ standards. Notice the people who wear the most eccentric clothes and ask yourself if they really are that confident that they wear what they want. Or, or are they just desperate for attention and trying to get people to notice them?

kpop jacket

I think a classic fashion that let’s your personality shine through is most attractive for a guy’s kpop fashion (and girls, too). You don’t have to be conformist, but dressing to shock people isn’t really any better than dressing to please people. You’re still putting other people in control of you.

Rather, just forget about what other people think and do what you want. Sure, you may actually want to wear something crazy sometimes. But I think if you’re being true to yourself, most people don’t feel the need to please people or shock people with their clothing and they just end up dressing in a way that somewhat fit’s societal norms, but add their own flair and personal style.

This is my ideal type of men’s Korean fashion. Just dress how you want and don’t let your clothes be a distraction from who you are as a person. They should compliment you, not define you.

Okay, so I started getting a little philosophical here about clothes. But, I have to go into that a bit in order to explain my rationale behind what the Korean styles I like.

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My Favorite Korean Outfits and Dresses

Some of my favorite Korean outfits are the different things you can do with dresses. If you’re looking for something really versatile, then I recommend a Korean dress in a neutral color. Just to be clear neutral doesn’t mean light. I think of neutral colors as white, black, or tan. Those colors go with practically everything. A black dress can be matched with literally any other color.

little black dress

The same goes for white and tan. Navy and brown are pretty neutral colors, too. But not as much as black, white and tan. So, those are my favorite colors, especially for something I want to be wearing a lot of. Some examples of this are outerwear, shoes, and certain tops and bottoms that I’ll be wearing a lot in the Spring.

korean fashion in the spring

Now, I do like to have colorful jackets and shoes and stuff. But I generally like to stick to the more neutral colors because it’s so easy to match. If you have a red skirt, it can look really cute, but you’re limited in what you can wear it with. You’ll either have to match it with a similar red, or bring in something that contrasts really well with it.

Rather, a black skirt will go with anything.

A good solution is my black Korean dress. It’s a sleek, but nuanced zip up dress that goes with any kpop fashion. I can wear boots with it for a more casual look, or dress boots, or even high heels. Because it’s black and it’s a fairly simple dress, like a lot of the stuff I get from Korea, I get tremendous use out of it.

I wear it all the time and can combine it with all different kinds of jackets. Sometimes I match the dress with a denim jacket, sometimes I put on a fuzzy faux fur jacket. It goes well with both!

jacket from korea

You can also change to look of the dress with accessories as you learn on this wordpress. By changing around the accessories you can go from little black dress to fun casual dress. There’s so many things you can do once you get a nice neutral color for your base and then play around with everything else. I don’t remember the math but there was an article on kpop fashion about how a certain number of highly interchangeable clothes can make you thousands of outfits without ever having to wear the same thing twice.

In practice, I definitely wear outfits more than once, but that’s probably because I like them so much. Korean outfits are fun and when I find one I like I tend to find reasons to wear it again. I sometimes wonder if the people I’m going to see have seen me in this outfit yet and hoping they having because I want to wear it again.

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Cheyenne Prospecting

We’re prospecting for some new types of Korean kpop music today. While we’ve been offline for a while, I wanted to end the year with something that will bring everyone good cheer. Today is Black Friday, November 24th, and while many people are out at the stores trampling each other, I hope you are keeping yourself safe. Why not stay home and watch some kpop music videos? I think this is a much better use of time. Here’s one I like a lot.

It’s Super Junior’s new song called Black Suit. It’s a great example of how good musicians can continue to prosper for years. Super Junior has been around more over a decade now! They’ve endured member suspensions, kpop members going in and out of the army. All men in Korea are required to do 2 years of military service. Fashionable korean stars are no exception.

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