Whether you're brand new to gold prospecting or you're a seasoned veteran, there's one piece of advise that you hear and read over and over again from those in the know: "Join a local gold prospecting club!" There are many reasons for joining a local prospecting club. There's strength in numbers. The knowledge and experience of the combined membership would take years to develop on your own. And it's just plain fun to get together with a bunch of like-minded individuals and head for the hills!

The Cheyenne, Wyoming Chapter of the Gold Prospectors Association of America was formed in 2001 as the Gold Prospectors of Cheyenne, Inc., a not for profit organization. Our mission is to bring together the small scale gold prospectors and miners of southeast Wyoming, the Nebraska panhandle, and Northern Colorado in order to learn prospecting and mining techniques from each other, educate the local community about gold prospecting, and to protect the rights of small scale operators.

The club meets on the first Tuesday of every month, unless that day happens to be a holiday or there is an outing scheduled for that month. At those times, the meeting dates are determined by a vote of the members and will be posted here on the website and in the club's Newsletter.

Membership is free, and visitors to our meetings and outings are always welcome. You must, however, be a GPAA member to use GPAA claims. For information on joining the national organization, please visit their website at Our local chapter raises funds through the sale of equipment, through club raffles, and donations. The funds are used to cover normal administrative expenses, to purchase supplies and equipment used in workshops and demonstrations, to purchase items for raffles, and to purchase items/equipment for use by the Chapter members.

Officers and Board Members are elected for a one year term at the Annual Meeting in May of each year. Officers include positions of President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and a Claims Director. The claims committee works to find new claims that can be filed for GPAA members to prospect or mine on. There are also some unelected positions that are filled by volunteers, as well as some committee appointments for special projects.

Chapter members frequently use GPAA claims in southeast Wyoming, along Douglas Creek and Lake Creek in the Medicine Bow National Forest. The GPAA also owns claims in the South Pass/Atlantic City area of central Wyoming and several claims in Colorado that are available for use by members.

If you are interested in contacting us about a workshop, to ask a question, comment about the website, or for any other reason...simply fill out the contact form and submit it. We will contact you as soon as possible, usually within 24-48 hours.

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