The Cheyenne Chapter GPAA is a gold prospecting club located in Cheyenne, Wyoming. We are a local chapter of the Gold Prospectors Association of America. The GPAA is dedicated to providing a forum to exchange information, to giving recreational and professional prospectors a voice in legislative matters, and to helping members in their pursuit for gold. As a local chapter of the national organization, the Cheyenne Chapter GPAA is dedicated to achieving these same goals. To that end, this website acts as a conduit for the exchange of information.

If you are interested in gold prospecting in Wyoming, the Cheyenne Chapter GPAA is your best resource! Our members are very active...not only in gold prospecting but also in rockhounding, metal detecting and other related activities. We also provide workshops and demonstrations for other clubs, groups, and organizations in southeast Wyoming. Be sure to view the about us page for more information on the club.


August 1, 2017
Cheyenne Chapter GPAA Regular Meeting
7:00 pm at Days Inn
2360 W. Lincolnway - Cheyenne
(Always open to the public - other clubs etc.)

September 2-4, 2017
Cheyenne Chapter GPAA Outing
Monthly Meeting for September - Saturday the 2nd at 5:00pm
at the camp site - Potluck Dinner to follow the meeting!
Douglas Creek Claims
More Info
(Always open to the public - other clubs etc.)

Important Notice
We will be closing down this website in October.
Please visit our Facebook page and bookmark it.
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Gold Prospecting in Wyoming

Rock exposures ranging from early Precambrian (Archean) to Quaternary can be found in Wyoming. The wide variety of sedimentary, volcanic, igneous intrusive, and metamorphic rock make the state an excellent place for geologists to study the geologic past. It is also a paradise for rockhounds to explore and collect gemstones, minerals, and all manner of interesting rocks.

For gold prospectors, the potential for finding gold is enormous. Gold has been found in every mountain range in the state. Both lode and placer deposits occur in Wyoming, and there are over two dozen organized mining districts that have been recognized. Geologic maps, books, reports, and other information are available from the Wyoming State Geological Survey, located in Laramie, Wyoming.

Historically, total gold production from Wyoming is unknown because no records were kept and few estimates were made before about 1900. An estimate by Hausel (1989) suggests that as much as 334,000 ounces of gold were mined from the South Pass-Atlantic City district alone, and the Centennial Mine (southwest of Laramie in the Medicine Bow Mountains) produced an estimated 4,500 ounces.

Love, Antweiller, and Mosier (1978) described the paleoplacers in the historic South Pass-Atlantic City and Lewiston districts as hosting as much as 28.5 million ounces of placer gold!

There is no evidence that any of the significant historical mines in Wyoming were ever "mined out". Mine operations ceased due to various other factors, including declining metal prices, outbreak of war, financial problems within the mining companies, etc. The Centennial mine shut down because the lode was lost in a fault, and was never found again. In short, if you believe all the gold was found back in the 1800's and there's none left to be found today, you might want to consider coming to one of our club meetings. There you will find friendly gold prospectors using modern methods and equipment who are willing to share their knowledge.

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