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My Favorite Korean Outfits and Dresses

Some of my favorite Korean outfits are the different things you can do with dresses. If you’re looking for something really versatile, then I recommend a Korean dress in a neutral color. Just to be clear neutral doesn’t mean light. I think of neutral colors as white, black, or tan. Those colors go with practically everything. A black dress can be matched with literally any other color.

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The same goes for white and tan. Navy and brown are pretty neutral colors, too. But not as much as black, white and tan. So, those are my favorite colors, especially for something I want to be wearing a lot of. Some examples of this are outerwear, shoes, and certain tops and bottoms that I’ll be wearing a lot in the Spring.

korean fashion in the spring

Now, I do like to have colorful jackets and shoes and stuff. But I generally like to stick to the more neutral colors because it’s so easy to match. If you have a red skirt, it can look really cute, but you’re limited in what you can wear it with. You’ll either have to match it with a similar red, or bring in something that contrasts really well with it.

Rather, a black skirt will go with anything.

A good solution is my black Korean dress. It’s a sleek, but nuanced zip up dress that goes with any kpop fashion. I can wear boots with it for a more casual look, or dress boots, or even high heels. Because it’s black and it’s a fairly simple dress, like a lot of the stuff I get from Korea, I get tremendous use out of it.

I wear it all the time and can combine it with all different kinds of jackets. Sometimes I match the dress with a denim jacket, sometimes I put on a fuzzy faux fur jacket. It goes well with both!

jacket from korea

You can also change to look of the dress with accessories as you learn on this wordpress. By changing around the accessories you can go from little black dress to fun casual dress. There’s so many things you can do once you get a nice neutral color for your base and then play around with everything else. I don’t remember the math but there was an article on kpop fashion about how a certain number of highly interchangeable clothes can make you thousands of outfits without ever having to wear the same thing twice.

In practice, I definitely wear outfits more than once, but that’s probably because I like them so much. Korean outfits are fun and when I find one I like I tend to find reasons to wear it again. I sometimes wonder if the people I’m going to see have seen me in this outfit yet and hoping they having because I want to wear it again.

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